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Psycho-educational evaluations assess academic and related behavioral status, strengths and weaknesses, with recommendations for resource help.
Occupational psychological evaluation can assess factors relevant to problems with job performance or job satisfaction.
Psycho-vocational evaluations build on a psycho-educational base with consideration of job and workplace issues and opportunities. These may be required steps in worker’s compensation and disability evaluations.
Medical/surgical conditions and procedures may be complicated or improved psychologically. These evaluations consider psychological factors of medical conditions including readiness for certain procedures for which psychological evaluation may be a requirement (for example, bariatric surgery and spinal cord stimulator implant).

Personality, behavioral and mood related strengths and weaknesses affect our effectiveness and satisfaction in life. These areas can be evaluated to develop recommendations for healthcare and other resource and self-help strategies for improvement.

Please note: We specialize in psychological evaluation and do not provide ongoing treatment. Of course, treatment or other resource help related to our findings and recommendations often is very appropriate for our patients and may even be the primary concern. Our evaluations and reports serve to identify needs and provide referrals in these cases. Our reports are detailed and intended for our patients, at their discretion, to share with other appropriate resources including school staff, counselors and other medical treatment providers, agencies or employers. Reports will be targeted to meet the needs of our patients.

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