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  • WHEN LEGAL ISSUES ARE INVOLVED. We do not accept patients for whom our court appearance may be required as a result of our services.  Subpoena for court appearance requires canceling of many appointments and disruption of patient care for others. If we can contribute by scheduled videoconferencing (e.g., Facetime) or deposition, we would be happy to do so, but if it cannot be guaranteed that we will not be called for physical court appearance, we cannot agree to proceed.  If you have a legal issue to which our services may pertain, you should discuss this with your attorney. If you have already made an appointment with us, please get back to us as soon as possible if you need to cancel so you will not incur a late cancellation or missed appointment charge.

  • CHARGE FOR MISSED APPOINTMENT AND LATE CANCELLATION. We truly hate to do this but we need to make the strongest possible impression that when appointments are made, individuals are contracting with us to set aside substantial blocks of time.  Please understand our service structure is unlike that of most medical doctors whose services also are very important but tend to require much less time per appointment. Appointments with us may be canceled without charge up 24 hours in advance (not counting weekend and holiday hours when we are closed). However, if the individual does not come or cancels too close to the appointment time, we are unable to fill that appointment time rendering us unable to offer that time to others needing our services. A $50 fee will be charged for missed appointments and late cancellations.

  • COPAY IS EXPECTED AT TIME OF APPOINTMENT. If we are unsure of your copay at the time you make your appointment, we make every effort to contact you with that information prior to your appointment.  Please check your voicemail for this and if you have not heard from us by a couple of days before the appointment, please call us back to check. Please ask before the appointment for a payment arrangement if needed. And please bring close to exact change -- we won't have enough to break large denomination bills.


  • DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY FOR THE APPOINTMENT!  Other offices often ask that people arrive early; however, due to fairly small waiting rooms and patients sometimes arriving with family members including small children, we need to make comings and goings as efficient as possible. For your comfort, we ask that you please arrive at your scheduled appointment time.

  • BEWARE OF GPS DIRECTION ERRORS!  Many of our new patients report that GPS services misdirect on the last step to our offices, especially in Conyers.  Please check and consider printing the final steps from the directions on this website. Of course you may call for help if needed, but office staff won't be available for help evenings and weekends.


  • CHILDREN/COMPANIONS.  Our waiting rooms are rather small.  Please bring no more children or companions than necessary--two in addition to patient usually is fine; please let us know if you will need to bring more so we can try to schedule for best comfort.

  • ANIMALS. We truly love critters, but we must restrict those you may bring to therapy or service animals (please have documentation) because of possible special problems of others in waiting room when you come.

  • ADHD MEDICATION. Please have patient take ADHD medication when coming for testing appointment unless discussed and agreed otherwise.

  • READING/WRITING/ENGLISH LANGUAGE ASSISTANCE. Please bring an assistant to help the patient with this if necessary. 

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